13 May 2014

The Review | Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream


So, I'm just going to warn you this is going to be a gushy post. I have the body wash and scrub from the same range and love the scent. I decided to finally complete the set and get the body buttercream. Now I'm so rubbish at moisturising every day, I'm lazy, and my legs are really suffering for it lately. Hello dry patchy skin! Normal moisturisers from the bottle are too thin, and I don't like full thick body butters.

The S&G body buttercream is just the right consistency. It's not too thick that it doesn't absorb, it's light and creamy and so nice to apply. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy consistency. Now let's talk about the scent... It's a definitely lime scent that I LOVE. I use the wash and the scrub but have found that the scent isn't very strong anf wears off very quickly so I don't really get to enjoy it. The buttercream sorts this out - my skin absorbs the scent and it stays for hours. 

I definitely want to try some more of these buttercreams, it makes me look forward to applying moisturiser now and that's a big big thing for me. LOVE!

What's your favourite S&G scent?


  1. My favourite body butters are soap and glory but I haven't tried this one yet x

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  2. I totally agree, the scent of Sugar Crush is amazing! I do quite like the 'Mist you madly' scent too though. I can't really choose a favourite!

  3. I normally love the smell of soap and glory products but this one does nothing for me... yuck! Despite that it is really moisturising Gisforgingers xx


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