19 May 2014

The Life Post | Forest of Dean Days 1&2

Last week me and the fam set off for the Forest of Dean for 5 days - we did this last year as well in February (see post here) and we loved it so much we went back. It was lovely this year as Adam could only go for three days last year whereas he was there for the whole week this time (yay!). I took so many pics I thought I'd break this out over three posts, this being the first! So be warned - these are a bit photo heavy!

Day One
There wasn't really any photos from this day as it was spent travelling up and really everyone just chilling. Me and Adam drove up in his car, my Mum and Dad took my little brother Will and Arthur up, and my big bro Simon went from Cardiff (where he lives) with his collie Willow. We literally got there, I become instantly obsessed with the Disney Princess Kinder Eggs and managed to get 3 Jasmines in my first 3 eggs... Then we settled into the cabin, watched Kick Ass 2 with pizza and drink. Good start!

Day Two

A lot more photos here... Dad, Si and Adam went for a bike ride first thing - rather them then me! Me and Mum stayed back watching TV and dog sitting the pooches. Then we all set off down to Symonds Yat for a walk along the river Wye (?) and then lunch at the Saracens Inn. The walk was so beautiful, I couldn't help but take a ridiculous amount of photos, and set the ole camera up for some group piccies (well, it is a family holiday after all...)

In the evening me and Adam got out some picture boards we'd made at home which we all played, then whilst the boys went in the hot tub we chilled playing with the dogs. 
The day was obviously too much for Dad as he finished it by snoozing on the sofa... Bless!

Check back on Wednesday for day 3 - more photos so I hope you like it!

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  1. Lovely photos - looks like you all had a great time.


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