7 May 2014

The Mani | Essie Truth or Flare

Let's face it, when a new Essie collection makes its way into my local Boots it's not long until I'm down there taking my pick. This year I only picked the one up as I was a little meh about the others - don't get me wrong they are beaut - but I thought they just reminded me a lot of other shades they have.

Truth or Flare called to me with its grey blue tones. I love Maximillian Strasse Her (which I believe is from a previous collection) and I think this is a slightly darker toned version. Even though its in their Spring collection I think it's such a versatile shade it can work all year around. It's not your typical spring shade (floral pigments) and I love that about it. For me it's a very sea colour. 

Formula-wise it's your usual Essie goodness or long lasting an chip resistant. No complaints here! This colour does need about three coats as its a touch sheer on first application but it's all good. It ends up as a beautiful blue.

What's your pick from the new Essie collection?


  1. What a beautiful shade! It definitely reminds me of the seaside in summer, so pretty :)

    Jess xo

  2. I have this and literally not stopped wearing it since I've got it. I love the colour and the fact its not a typical blue shade! Gorgeous.

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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