6 May 2014

The Review | Montagne Jeuness Black Seaweek & Hot Spring Sauna


I love using a face mask as a little pick me up and I think Montagne Jeunesse's offerings are cheap, cheerful and affective. I was very happy with both of these as they do completely different things but are both perfect for my skin type. I get oily skin and as the weather gets warmer it gets worse so I have to work really hard to keep it clean and clear - quick and easy masks like this are ideal!

The Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque is a detox mark - it cleanses deeply and the peel off factor gets rid of any dirt and grease left on the skin. Personally I'm not a huge fan of peel off masks but I did really like how this left my skin. It felt so cleansed and grease/oil free.

The Hot Spring Sauna is definitely my favourite of the too. It's a self warming mask (feels a little weird but very luxurious) which helps to open up the pores for a deep clean and exfoliation. My skin was left looking brighter then ever incredibly clean.

Both masks are only a £1 and can be found in your local high street Boots and Superdrug. I would highly recommend them!

What's your favourite budget mask?


1 comment

  1. I loved the Black Seaweed, I found the Hot Spring Sauna was a little harsh for my skin although the warming was really nice :) Montagne Jeunesse do such good masks for the price!

    Jess xo


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