8 May 2014

The Review | The Hut Triangle Cushion


I love me some cushions. Adam moans about them but I don't know why... Considering he always sits with them on his lap he should love them really. When I was offered this beaut triangle cushion I jumped at the chance. I love getting little bits for the home and cushions really make a place homely. My room at home is pink and green so I loved the idea of getting a pink cushion to match. I love the pattern on this as I think it's really different to usual. It's a good size as well, not too tiny but not to big it becomes a pillow.

The Hut is an amazing website, full of loads of different things including homeware, beauty, toys, games... the list goes on. It even does Essie nail polishes (won me over instantly). I love the homeware pieces, they do great brands like Alessi and Le Creuset. I have a few things on my wish list!

To pop alongside my new cushion I've paired it with my loved "L" scrabble tile cushion from Darwin and Gray - I have an A for Adam as well but that's on a chair somewhere at the moment! L is so much better obviously.... I feel like I have a lot of homey stuff for when I eventually move out so I can't wait!

What would you buy from The Hut?

1 comment

  1. So glad you've inherited your mummy's love of cushions and these look so pretty, never underestimate the power of soft furnishings!!! x


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