4 November 2016

Food | Raspberry & White Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes for me are my baking go to, and they're a slight addiction. They're easy to make, so for me that means they chill  me out and relax me. It also allows me to experiment and play around with the recipes. And these little beauties were the result of a little experiment of mine.

Raspberries are one of my favourite berries and incorporating them into a cupcake recipe was bound to happen at some point. These are super easy to make, taste scrumptious and look super pretty. 

  • 110g butter
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 110g self raising flour
  • 1-2 tbsp milk
  • White chocolate chunks
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Can of spray butter icing in vanilla

First of all pre-heat your oven to around 180 degrees and line a cupcake tray with cases - I chose some pretty pink cases to go with the theme.

Take a large mixing bowl, and cream together your butter and sugar - I used an electric whisk as I found it makes everything a bit lighter. Make sure they look pale and fluffy. Then whisk in the eggs a bit at a time with the vanilla extract. 

Sift and fold in the flour carefully to keep the air in the mixture, then use the milk if the mixture looks a little bit dry. 

Then add in the white chocolate chunks - however many you fancy - and chop up your raspberries and mix in around half the punnet. Mix it all together carefully so not the break up the raspberries. Then spoon the mixture into the cases.

Cook for around 12 minutes, or until the mixture is cooked through. Then leave to cool. Once your cakes are completely cool, ice your cakes, I used the star novel, then sprinkled with chocolate chunks and a raspberry to finish it off. 

These went down so well and I think they'd be perfect for something like a baby shower for someone expecting a girl, or just a Sunday afternoon with some girlfriends. 

What cupcakes should I try out next?


  1. The look tasty:) If you'd add to the vanilla butter cream a bit of homemade raspberry jam to create some small more flavour, it would be even more bright I guess as well the tiny white chocolate chunks would be even more visible! Well done:)


    1. Ooooh great idea! Will definitely give this a try in the future thanks :)


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