8 November 2016

Life | My Guide to Chilling Out

I remember when I was in my teens and all I wanted to be was an adult. I wish I could go back in time, slap myself silly and tell me to enjoy a life without stress and responsibilities while I could. We all get stressed at times, and we all need a break. Thankfully I've found some fail safe ways of chilling out and taking a step back from stress overload.

So what are they? It's taken me a few years to build it all up, and I have found since owning my own place this list has grown and I've found more things to do that help me relax. With that in mind, let's take a look through my guide to chilling the f*** out.

I absolutely love baking. I know some people find it stressful, but for me I find it focuses me on the task at hand and really helps me chill. It takes time out of your day where you get to build something as it where, and be creative. It distracts the mind and focuses it. Plus I find it really fun.

A good coffee
Sounds incredibly cliche, but when I'm getting a bit stressed at work or need a break from my screen I head down to Starbucks. In my old job it was either Costa or Pret. But Starbucks is just down the corridor from me, so just taking 10 minutes to pop out, get a coffee or mocha, helps to clear my head and just gives me a break.

Reading a book has always been a for of escapism for me. Just getting home and settling into the sofa with a blanket and a good book is my ideal. When I go away it's what I spend most of my time doing. Just chilling with a book and escaping my own stress.

A 'lush' bath
So it doesn't have to be Lush, but they are my favourite bath bombs and bubble accessories. I've always loved baths but I've really stepped it up lately and they're always my go to at the moment with Netflix on the side. Not near the water...

This season always seems to have an effect on me - I absolutely love it. There's just something very relaxing about crisp air, falling leaves and the sun coming through the trees. Helps it's also my birthday in Autumn, but this season just soothes me.

What's your top tips for chilling out?


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