17 November 2016

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and this was one of those moments. Especially when you get an email with £15 off Space NK, it's just asking to be taken advantage of. So when I got the email, I jumped straight on the site and ordered this beautiful little palette.

Usually there is no way I would justify spending £70 on one item of make up, however I've used the Hourglass blushes before and have fallen in love with their formula. So with the money off, lust and lowered inhibitions this beauty fell into my shopping basket and into my lap. But is it worth the money?

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light, holds 5 products, including one finishing powder (Surreal Light), one bronzer (Surreal Bronze Light), two blushes (Surreal Glow and Surreal Effect) and one highlight/strobing powder (Surreal Strobe Light). I believe these are shades you will only find within this palette. First of all the packaging is beautiful, and I actually prefer this white marbled effect to their normal metallic casings. It's classy, and looks ridiculously expensive on your make up table.

But now let's move onto the shades themselves. First up we have Surreal Light, a beautiful sheer nude powder that adds a natural glow to the skin. This is the largest of all five in the palette, which is just as well as my powder brush is the biggest one I use so needs a bigger pan to work from. It smooths the skin and, as a I said, adds a natural glow which I love. I've not been a huge fan of finishing powders, but this is an everyday staple for me and has made me want to try more of their powders. 

Now I've heard good things about Hourglasses bronzer, but I'm so in love with my Benefit Hoola it was going to have a lot to live up to. Surreal Bronze Light looks gorgeous, and it certainly is. It's pigmented to perfection and for me it's perfect as a contour shade. It's a warm contour, which I personally prefer, and it looks incredibly natural. It's also infused with Surreal Light so again adds a nice natural glow.

So, I've already said I love their blushes and I was super excited to see two new shades in this palette. Surreal Glow is a nudey blush - described as a peony pink - that's also infused with Surreal Light. Personally it's not my type of blush as there's not enough colour to it for my taste. However, it is perfect for those no make up days if you want to add a natural blush and light to the cheeks. Then you have Surreal Effect, which is much more up my street. It's a cool toned pink, which has peach tones running through it. It's a very pretty shade, very pigmented and looks gorgeous with a blush eyeshadow and Surreal Bronze Light. Out of the two it is my favourite.

Lastly, you have Surreal Strobe Light, which is a glimmering highlight that's very much on the gold toned side. I've never been much of a highlighter person, so it's not my most used shade in the palette. But it is very pretty on the skin and gives a very natural light to the top of your cheekbones. With the blushes and the powder here you don't really need much more of a boost, but if that is your thing it is a winner. From my limited highlighter experience...

I have only one complaint - and that's the the four smaller shades are too small. The bronzer is perfect for my contour brush, but it's quite hard to limit it to one colour for the blushes on your blush brush with the size of them. But that's about it. I do love the palette, it's gorgeous. I wouldn't 100% say it's worth £70, but I'm happy it's in my life and I would recommend it to anyone who'd ask. Even if it is the most expensive piece of make up I've ever bought in my life...

What palette would you recommend for Christmas?


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