23 November 2016

What's in my bag: Lulu Guinness Medium Madeline

I don't think I've ever done a "what's in my bag" style post. However, when I opened my birthday from my parents and found the gorgeous Lulu Guinness Medium Madeline bag in it's perfect protective bag, I knew it was time.

Bags are usually pretty messy and full up of old receipts, buried make up and old plastic bags. However, I've been incredible careful to keep this beauty neat and tidy with just my must have items buried within.

First lets talk about the bag. First of just look at it! When we first went into the shop I was drawn in by the colour. It's called Cassis, but it's a berry shade that is giving me all the feels. I've never had a black everyday bag, and I never well. It's different, and yet very in tune with the current winter season. It has the typical Lulu Guiness lips covering the magnetic seal, and a popper to hold the straps together. I was a little worried the straps weren't big enough, but they fit perfectly on the crook of my elbow when I'm wondering around. I love the inside as well, which is covered in gorgeous black and white stripes - a complete contrast to the outside of the bag. The shape and size is perfect for me as well. My last proper bag was big enough for my work laptop and notebook and so on, but I don't have to carry a laptop around with me for work now so I could go for something a little smaller. This size is perfect to hold everything I need on a daily basis.

So let's take a look at what that actually includes. First up we have my ever useful purse - not one that currently goes with my new bag, and I am on the lookout for a new one, but I still love this one nevertheless. My parents got this for me when I got my job in London so it has a lot of sentiment. Plus I'm a huge Radley fan. It holds all of my cards really easily and has space for a picture, so it is the perfect purse - just need a different colour! You'll also see here a handy notebook. I write any blog ideas I have in here, anything I might need to do, Christmas present ideas, or even shopping lists. It's just super handy to have something you can reach for. And you can't have a notepad without a pen! I got this beautiful Swarovski pen for my birthday from my grandparents, it's a gorgeous blue and I love how it writes as well. Very hand and just uber pretty. We then move onto my phone, which is an iPhone 6S, and is currently covered in a brand new phone case of Monica's door in Friends. I'm on the fence about the quality, and it took a month to get to me, but I love the concept. I also love my phone. I've had iPhones for years and years now, and I just don't think I could ever switch back to any other make. My car keys are usually in here as well but as we speak, they're in my front door.

We then have my little on the go cosmetics bag. In here you'll usually anything I find handy to have with me on a daily basis. So we have the Zoella Blissful Mistful body spray for when I need an extra shot of scent, some hair grips and hair ties, my favourite lip balm, Nuxe Reve de Miel, whatever lipstick I'm wearing that, my mascara and a highlighting concealer for touch ups. All nicely put away in this cute little clear bag. 

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  1. I love how this bag isn't as OTT as some of Lulu Guinness's other products, really nice colour as well! x


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