28 November 2016

The Gilmore Girls aftermath

Gilmore Girls is so nostalic for me. I remember sitting in my room writing my dissertation to the soundtrack of Lorelai and Rory and always feeling uplifted. So when I heard Netflix was reviving it I was ridiculously excited. If you haven't seen it yet - then do not read the rest of this post, as there will be spoilers. So - SPOILER ALERT. For those who have already seen it, or don't mind, read on.

To celebrate the revival me and one of my besties settled in for the evening with Dominoes, wine and snacks and went through all 4 episodes in one go. Yes we were up til past 1am, but it was worth it. Off the back of this though, what were my thoughts? Well I've broken it down into three areas for you:

  • What I loved
  • What I'm on the fence about
  • What I didn't like
So let's get going....

  • The mother/daughter relationship and chemistry is still there and as strong as ever. I was a little worried that after so long they might not be able to recreate it, but it was perfect. It's adapted to suit their evolved relationship, but it's still the Gilmore way.
  • The fact that most of the supporting characters were there for most of the episodes. It was awesome to see Kirk back, still being his quirky self, Taylor being his usual pain and Babette with her loud screechy voice. It wouldn't have been right without so many of them there.
  • That Rory didn't just end up in the best journalism job in the world, she's struggling through it - it's so much more realistic. Sad in a way as you want her to do well, but I feel more empathy with her now then I did when she was overachieving at school.
  • Topless Logan. Enough said.
  • It had everything a good Gilmore Girls episode should have - a Lorelai freak out, a mother/daughter arguments, Rory trying to find herself, Luke yelling at something, Paris scaring people, crazy maids and festivals.
  • I LOVE how the beginning and the ending come in full circle. It starts with Lorelai and Rory talking on the gazebo, and it ends there too. Perfect direction.
  • Luke and Lorelai's wedding. So soon after mine I was almost in tears, but it was just pure perfection. So them, and their perfect ending. Although I wish she hadn't worn black. 

  • Personally, I didn't find the series had it's usual feel. Gilmore Girls is like Friends to me, if I'm in a crap mood it's a show I watch that I know will cheer me up. It's utterly feel good, however I didn't find that with the revival. Maybe it's because it's grown up now, and it did still have its laugh out loud moments and usual charm, but I would have liked more happy feels I think. 
  • That Rory ended up with no one. Half of me thinks it's brave as it shows she doesn't need a man to get her ending, but the other half of me feels like she needed to have some male closure. Granted I was Team Jess, but I'm a bit meh about this part. 
  • The fact that Rory was having an affair with Logan when he was engaged. She was the other woman, and I never would have thought it would be something she would do. Plus, the fact that Logan doesn't even leave this woman for Rory when it's so obvious they're still in love with each other. Just no. 

  • The fact that Rory didn't really get an ending. I felt like Lorelai's story was all neatly tied up with a bow, but Rory didn't really get that. You don't know how it goes with her career, you don't know who she ends up with and she drops a massive bombshell on you as the series ends. She starts and ends the series in a funk. I'd of liked it if she was given an actual ending.
  • The fact that you only saw Sookie for about 3 minutes in the final episode. I had seen on IMDB that she would only be in one episode, and I hated that fact.Her and Lorelai are as much of a team as Lorelai and Rory, so I personally felt her absense. 
I would love to know what you thought, let me know in the comments below. I feel I need to see it a few more times to let it all sink in, but overall I did really enjoy it - and I think any Gilmore Girls will love it. 

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