21 May 2013

Life | Beauty Confessions

I've seen this on a couple of beauty blogs over the past couple of months and I've loved reading them. For me I think I fit into a stereotype that bloggers I love are perfect (o dear) so it's been so nice to see that they are human like me! God, I sound like a raving looney fan. So, I thought it would be a lot of fun to do one myself! If you do one please let me know as I love to read them.... And any hints/tips you can give to help me get out of my little issues just comment below!

Removing Make Up
I'm awful. I don't do it every night and it's so ridiculously bad. Every week I start with "right, this week I will do it every evening" and it just never happens. Don't get me wrong, I know how important it is to my skin to do this and I know I will never get the skin I want until I start doing it - I'm just a lazy lazy blogger.

Eyebrow Maintanace
Basically I don't do it. I'm awful. They just get to live like they want to - I will remove the monobrow when needed but I'm so lazy it's usually done with a quick razor - BAD BAD BLOGGER. I know this is bad, and I bought Tweezerman tweezers to try and get myself out of this eyebrow rut. But it didn't work. I did recently see a post on Stacey's blog about HD Brows at salons, so I might be tempted to go get it done and then sort myself out from there. Need the motivation guys!

Daily Make Up
Recently I forgot to take my make up to the boys house, so I bypassed breakfast so I could run home do my make up and get to work on time. I was then judged by someone at work for doing this. She thought I should have just come in without make up. Well I'm sorry I can't - but I refuse to feel guilty about it. I don't wear it a a mask because I'm insecure or hate my face. I just love make up and honestly if it makes me feel happier about myself - what is the problem?

Lack of Perfume
I don't wear it everyday. I would like to - love to really. I have quite a few bottles and I'm in love with a couple that I have, including Marc Jacobs Daisy which is undoubtedly my favourite. However, I just forget to do it. When I do apply it it does get noticed and I get complimented. I just need to remember to do it more.

Sorry Top Coat
I don't use a top coat on my nails, and very rarely a bottom coat. It's usually just two coats of the colour I want, wait twenty mintues and then off I go. I do use Models Own 3 in 1 as a base coat, when I remember, and I know it does make a different. But in terms of top coats, I've just not found one worth the hassle yet.

So the thing to remember - beauty bloggers aren't perfect. We don't all stick to a regimented schedule of beauty dos and don'ts.... Just don't tell anyone!!

What's your beauty confessions?


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