11 May 2013

Nails | Top Three Spring Shades

I'm a person who loves it when their nails are all painted, suited and booted. I love new colours and I love different shades. This spring I've been keeping to a fairy pastel based palette and these three are definitely my top three.

Models Own Upotia £5
Thanks to Lily I have hunted this down and finally bought it. It's different to what I thought it would be, its a very pale lilac, paler than the photo lets on, and is a gorgeous subtle shade. Long wearing and great as a base when you want to add a sequin top coat.

Barry M Lychee £3.99
A favourite in the blogging world and has become one of my most worn. A "foundation" shade, if you like, which again is great as a top coat base or just a lazy shade. Really long lasting as part of their gelly range.

Essie Maximillian Strasse Her £7.99
Silly name aside, this is a gorgeous pale duck egg-ish blue that screams IM SO PRETTY I COULD DIE! Definitely my favourite. Again, lasts for ages and honestly I am just in love with this shade. it is one of my absolute faves and I will live and die in it.

Pastels are a great shade for spring and summer, and with "foundation" nails setting the way for the next couple of months, these pale shades are definitely in style. Also - look I have a nail wheel yay! About bloody time and I love it. All swatches are just one coat and are without any top/base coat.

What's your top spring shades?


  1. Oh my days. I'm not crazy about those fresh pastels you get every spring, but these are like grungy pastels that are super pretty. They look gorgeous next to each other like that, and now my brain can't cope and I might need to buy them all. See what you did? ;-)

    1. Haha i'm sorry! But I agree... they are gorgeous in a grunge pastel kind of way - I think that's why I like them so much! They are just that little bit different :)

  2. I love all three shades but if I had to pick just one I think it would be Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. I have nothing like this in my collection. Its very pretty

    1. It is incredibly pretty. I've had so many compliments off it when I wear it as well! Definitely worth it :)


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