17 May 2013

Make Up | Apocalips Stellar


As reviewed before, I really like the apocalips range from Rimmel. Stellar is a colour that I've been umming and aahing about for a while and finally took the plunge when I was shopping with my friend Amber and she MADE ME BUY IT! Yes, made me.

So I got it, and actually ridiculously love it. It's a gorgeous bright, vibrant pink with a touch of coral in it. It is very pigmented (as with all the Apocalips) and lasts for a good couple of hours. What annoys me slightly with these is that when they wear, the leave a line around the lips like liner - which with something this bright looks a bit silly. But if you keep it topped up it's not an issue.

I really do love this colour, my boyfriend hates it (he's weird) but it's just so gorgeous, you can't not love it. These are just great products and I would highly recommend them to everyone.

What's your favourite Apocalips colour?


  1. The Rimmel Apolcalips lip laquers are perfect! I was shocked by how great they were when I first tried one out. I have this colour too haha - I lovee it!

  2. I love the apocalips too I have 3 shades in galaxy, celestial and luna they are all so pretty. This red looks great on you. I agree men are weird :o)


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