26 May 2013

Make Up | Revlon Baby Stick


I picked this up from Boots out of sheer curiosity. It's a thick stick that can be used for both cheeks and also lips. Multi purpose if you will. I bought it in the colour "tahitian" as it's a really sutble cute coral colour - perfect for the summer.

I pop this on the apple of my cheeks and drag up the cheek bone until it gets to eye level, then I smudge it in with my fingers. When it first goes on it's a tad greasy, but it soon dries and gets rid of all the greasiness. The colour isn't very pigmented on the cheeks, it's very very subtle but enough to give a little colour. Longevity wise, it lasts for a good few hours - really well actually. It's a very nice subtle cheek colour for holiday I think.

For lips, it's a very nice formula to apply, it's soft and moisturising and considering the width of the stick it's really easy to apply. Colour wise it's very pale for the lips - as you can see above. It lasts for around two hours, but for me it's just a bit too pale for my lips. Otherwise it's a really nice formula.

Overall, I'm glad I got this. I wasn't holding out too much hope for it so had low expectations, so I'm actually very impressed by this. It's a very nice creamy blush product and it's definitely one I'd take on holiday as it's a very subtle everyday, hardly there make up product. Very natural, very nice. Thumbs up from T&M!

Have you tried Baby Stick? What colour would you want?

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