6 May 2013

Make Up | MAC Plumful


When I went off to Cardiff, I accidently found myself in a Debenhams, taking advantage of their 10% off sale in the MAC section. I've been thinking about getting Plumful for a little while now and was tossing up between this and Brick O La and after swatching both of them in Debenhams I decided upon Plumful.

It's a gorgeous deep berry shade with a strong tint of blue shaded purple - and I absolutely love it. It's a colour I never thought I would love, or couldn't live without, but this is definitely a lipstick that I could no longer live without. It applies smoothly and flawlessly onto the lips. It lasts a good few hours and doesn't transfer.

It's part of their lustre collection, which is the same as my other MAC lipstick - just a coincidence, but I do really like the finish of the lipstick. I honestly love this lipstick and I can see why people get addicted to buying MAC products as they are such good quality products - I definitely want to get another and I'm already looking at what shade to get next!

What shade would you suggest? What's your favourite?


  1. this is such a gorgeous colour, i really need to get my hands on some mac lipsticks!xx

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    1. I would definitely recommend this as a first one! It's gorgeous!! x

  2. Ooh I like! Lovely shade <3 x


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