14 May 2013

Make Up | Glamshine Stain Splash


L'Oreal was 3 for 2 a few weeks back, so I decided I'd indulge myself in their new lip product. It's described as a gloss that acts like a stain, that is also 30% water. So, the product itself...

Honestly I am torn. The formula is incredibly light and very watery when applied, but thickens up quickly on application. It's comfortable to wear and again, lightweight. I wouldn't say it's very long lasting, maybe about an hour. I do prefer it over the top of a lipstick as opposed to wearing it on its own.
The wand itself really irritates me actually... Not so much on the lighter colours like Romy and Lolita, but you can see from the picture above that I found it very hard to use to apply Princess, a more pigmented product as I found the product collected at the tip of the wand, and was just a bit difficult to apply.

So now onto the colours...

A gorgeous pink that I think it meant to be like a deep hot pink. The colour is gorgeous, but very translucent  Definitely more of a gloss than a stain. It applies nicely and is a nice everyday gloss with a bit of colour.

This one is my favourite. Its defintiely a "my lips but better" lip gloss and I've been wearing this most days over the top of Bourjois Rouge Edition in Shade 4, the two work perfectly together. It's a great lipgloss.

This is the one Cheryl Cole is wearing in all the adverts. The colour is a lovely coral red. I wouldn't say it was a stain, more of a pigmented gloss. I do like the colour, I just find it very hard to apply. I find this colour lasts longer than the other two, so there is some stain there.

Overall, I'm a bit torn really. I love the product as a gloss, but I love the colours, but as a stain I'm not convinced. For me, they are definitely more gloss, but they are a nice gloss. Lolita is definitely my favourite, so if you are looking for a a good every day gloss, Lolita is your one!

Have you tried Glamshine Stain Splash? What colours do you love?

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  1. Lolita is a gorgeous colour! Shame about the runny formula and the wand.

    Charlotte xo


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