16 May 2013

Life | Girls Night In or Out?

Lately when it comes to organising a night out I just cannot be dealing with it. Money wise I just cannot justify – but it seems I’m not the only one! A survey of 2000 UK women by Ladbrokes Bingo showed that 69% of women asked preferred to stay in with the girls instead of going out. I, for one, would definitely agree. The last couple of times I’ve gone out it’s just ended in some sort of drama, or it’s just too expensive. Drink prices and entry fees are going up and I can’t afford it.
So instead I tend to have a night in with the girls. Ladbrokes Bingo survey showed that activities included on a night in includes watching films, pampering/spa treatments and takeaways. Well I can definitely recommend all three – so here are my top five tips for a fab night in with the girls!
1.       Stick to the classics. This includes cookie dough ice cream, chick flicks, pajamas and sleeping bags. These are classics for a reason.
2.       Don’t get expensive pampering bits for your spa session. You’re not there for actual results – just the fun. So grab some masks from Montagne Jeunesse, nail polishes from Barry M and use make up you already have.
3.       Dominoes is a must – and they always have a deal on. Currently they have a £20 deal which gets your two medium pizzas, potato wedges, garlic bread and a bottle of Coke – it’s a bargain and yummy yum yum!
4.       Go Disney – you cannot go wrong with a Disney classic. I cannot count the amount of times I’ve had a night in with a good Disney film, singing along. Or even a Disney soundtrack – many a time we’ve been dancing around the room to a classic Disney song (usually I just Can’t Wait to be King from the Lion King) with a glass of wine in hand.
5.       Wine – don’t get the expensive stuff. There will always be a nice bottle on offer (usually in Sainsburys). My personal favourite is Gray Fox Rose which is usually £5 in Sainsburys.

I do love a great girls night in - you honestly can't beat it and it seems most of the UK is of that mind as well!

Do you prefer a night in or out?

*This post is written in association with Ladbrokes Bingo


  1. I would probably say I'm an in girl, but I do love a good night out every so often! xxx

  2. Same here, I have developed to a night in kinda girl. It is way more comfortable to stay at mine or a friends house, where we can talk about whatever without being cautious of "coding" things for the general public. I don't have to worry about what location we all want to party at, how we will get there and back and all that money that will be spent.

    x Angie


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