29 May 2013

Hair | The "Shob"

Since I've had my hair chopped off I've been playing with the style a lot to see what suits me best, and just generally what I prefer. For the past month I've been turning it into a shaggy bob, or "shob" as I saw Heat magazine call it recently and I have to say, I'm loving it like this. I've never been a huge sleek and straight person anyway, always prefering a bit of wave or curl, so I'm so happy I don't have to loose this with my shorter hair.

So, for all those who want to know how I get my "shob", here is my how to!

So first of all, I've been washing my hair with Head & Shoulders for Coloured Hair - I was having issues with a flaky scalp but this has cleaned it right up (just after two uses) and it's designed for coloured hair which is good for my highlights.

Popping it up in my towel for fifteen minutes, then I give it a good rub to get rid of any dripping. Instead of combing it, I run through it roughly with my fingers to get rid of any tangles and also to sort out my parting (side parting thank you, just off centre).

Next, I use Aussie Dual Personality - yes I want it shaggy but I do NOT want the frizz and this is ideal for this. It has been a god send since I've cut it. I pop about half a pump into my hand then roughly run it through my hair with my fingers from root to tip. Next I just do a rough blow try.

After this, I pop some Elnett Heat Style Spray for Volume on, to protect from heat and just to keep it's volume, then I curl my hair using my GHDS. I run them through quickly to create waves. Afterwards I ruffle them up and pop on some Clynol Hair Spray for hold.

To maintain it over the days I use Batiste dry shampoo for volume and healthy looking hair, and also add some salt spray for texture.

Voila - you have yourself a "shob"... or Shaggy Bob!

Have you tried a "shob"? What do you think?

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  1. Such an effortless looking hairstyle which looks really pretty on you.

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