27 May 2013

Outfit | Dotty Summer

top: TU @ Sainsburys | skirt: Topshop | belt: H&M | necklace: Lola Rose

Last weekend I decided I would break out of my jean/tshirt funk and get into the summer ways. So I pulled out my favourite denim skirt from last year and a TU shirt from my Mum's wardrobe (now lives in mine). I love blue, and even more so navy, so this top was one I was immediately drawn too. I think it goes perfectly with my skirt as well.

I seem to have fallen in love with peter pan collars as well, I think they seem to go really well with my bob. And I love the detailing on this belt. It came with a dress I bought from H&M and wear it all the time with other outfits, it is a definite favourite.
Also, my new Lola Rose necklace. My lovely Mummy bought this as a well done for passing my college course. I love the style and the colour - I don't have anything in this colour so it was a definite need. Happy days!

This is a gorgeous dotty outfit and was definitely one of those days where I kept looking down and thinking "O, I actually really like this outfit". Shallow, yes, but I love fashion - so sue me :)

Anywho, my giveaway ends today so take a look here to see who has won! Thanks for all those who entered!

What's your first summer outfit?


  1. I love that top! Please tell me it was a recent purchase of your Mums?


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