7 May 2013

Body | Soap & Glory Sugar Crush


This scrub has been around the blogosphere and it took me a while to give in, but when Soap & Glory went on 3 for 2 I thought why not - let's give us a go.

Firstly the smell - O. My. God. It's so scrummy! It's made of brown sugar, sweet lime, almond and macadamia oil. All I can smell is the lime and sugar and I really do love it. I first got it and was sat on my bed continually smelling it over and over again. When using it in the bath or shower the whole place just smells of it and it's incredible. If they did a candle of this I would buy it.

Okay, so the product itself - it's quite a thick syrupy scrub that you need to scoop out and rub in, it's thick and dense and lovely to use. Since I've been using it my skin has visibly cleared - I use this especially on my back and it has made a huge different. This is hands down the best scrub I have ever used and I will definitely want to rebuy this when it runs out. One request - bring out a candle with this scent?

What Soap & Glory products do you recommend?



  1. I love this body scrub. You get a great big pot and it smells amazing. Its perfect for a pre self tanner scrub & I love it.

    1. Definitely. It just smells so scrummy - I'd get it just for that but it really is a fab product! x


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